Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel Router -3g Where To Buy HUAWEI D100 3G ROUTER In Singapore?

Where to buy HUAWEI D100 3G ROUTER in singapore? - travel router -3g

Huawei D100 router is a WiFi router with a difference. Instead of connecting to your broadband connection at a fixed location 3G standard USB dongle at the tip when it shared 3G broadband with any device in the region. It is ideal if you give the travel and need their own families WiFi connection in a hotel or holiday home.

Claims 3 Place the router is only compatible with your card, that's interesting, but I think that there was an advantage in the market for the D100 will be released for each service. Anyhoo, is new. The company is the price, EUR 69,99 plus a package of mobile broadband 3rd

Just plug your mobile broadband adapter 3 * in the router and you have access to the Internet, you can with stocks Wi-Fi devices such as PC, Mac or laptop. You can also use multiple computers at once, only with a dongle. * The router is only compatible with mobile broadband dongles from Huawei 3rd


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