Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sample Welcome Notes For Guests What Kinds Of Unique Issues Face Women In The Military?

What kinds of unique issues face women in the military? - sample welcome notes for guests

Prejudice, discrimination, rape - How do you feel the enjoyment of human physical capabilities of women and sexuality as their role in the army? This is a selection of opinions published document is a supplement to the campus women. Please note that you will feel comfortable when it is being quoted or not. Otherwise, his comments are always welcome and appreciated. It opens up the debate and made us all think and see things in a different light. Thank you very much:)


juju_cho... said...

I was in the Air Force for four years. My career in the security forces, dominated by men. Rare against discrimination. There are a few bad eggs, products that give men a bad reputation, but most respected me .... while I respect that. The women wear clothes that were in the army with a reputation of being promiscuous and has a lot of harassment. If you have questions, you can send me an e-mail.

desertvi... said...

You will get many answers to your questions is a good idea. It is an advisory committee of the Defense Ministry on Women in the Service (DACOWITS) and reports on this topic. The source below is a link to your website where you can download the reports. Hope this helps.

Nugget said...

My wife and I are in the Navy. I think women should serve the possibility of his country, as much as men. My wife works so hard, especially when most of the men she works.
While the right of women to serve, I think things from women in the armed forces should be occupied will be limited. I do not agree with women in the frontline. But this is only my opinion, could be wrong.

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