Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tmobile Call Center Pay Scale Do I Tell Them Where Else I Applied Fro A Job?

Do i tell them where else i applied fro a job? - tmobile call center pay scale

I lost my job a month ago, I went to many places that night, some jobs I really wanted to (call center tmobile, Radio Shack) and some more than one case back (Wal - Mart, McDonalds).

I went to 2 interviews tmobile and I am sure that 90% of the job. said that it was not necessary to rent until the end of February. When I got this job, I pay about 12/hr. she told me she called me back in 5 days.

Today I received a call from Wal-Mart and wants to go to a job interview. At Wal-Mart can pay you 8/hr. Shall I say, Walmart, I applied elsewhere, as I work best? What happens if I work at Walmart and call tmobile and told me that I got the job? Thank you for any contribution that you may have, is really appreciate.


michelob... said...

No, we expect that apply elsewhere. If you're offered, says he can not commit until February.

.... or you can at Wal-Mart for a month and go to T-Mobile, if they are available. It is so easy.

helo pilot cfi said...

is now offering to take what others can not or call orhire

Cube Dweller said...

To work for Walmart. You do not want to wait until the end of February and then realize that you have a job. Understand Wal-Mart. They are many people on the monitoring plan can be used. Do not worry about "offending" remains profitable.

Replace said...

The important thing is what kind of work you really want.
I suspect that it iMobile.
Consider WalMart tell the person who caused the problem of the family and they get back at a later date.

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