Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plastic Towel Bar Where Can I Find Replacement Towel Bars For Ceramic Holders?

Where can I find replacement towel bars for ceramic holders? - plastic towel bar

Our bathrooms have those bars for towels pottery, but the bar is stupid plastic and finally breaks, it breaks. I rip all but two of them are part of the ceramic tile shower walls. Does anyone know a replacement delivery towel this wonderful?


TSW said...

Do not take it. What you do is another plastic rod obtained. Cause you are supporting an end of the rod in the ceramic. bar mark on the end that is so long that touches the head of the ceramics of other cutting plastic bar on this point. Well, ask the staff to go to the catch and the 1 / 4 "to 3 / 8" in the title of another. Caulk both ends with a clear silicone at the bar and the owner of the pottery found.
so that the seal to dry.
That should do it.

I am a builder.
I replaced all the time to replace the ceramic holder

There are tricks for everything that you know exactly how.

80's kid said...

Most are not replaceable if you have a tile to the end. Try to specialize a good deal on accessories for bathroom tiles and bathroom tiles.
Or try a place that specializes in renovating bathrooms.

If we measure the towel, I'm sure you can replace a towel spring, a bar or adjustable such as shower curtains. You may even be able to create a personalized online bar adjustable.

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