Monday, January 4, 2010

Replacement Psion Revo Battery How Can I Transfer Data From Psion 3a To Psion Revo?

How can I transfer data from Psion 3a to Psion Revo? - replacement psion revo battery

I had a package of 1991 3. with the Psion PDA January that I loved and used regularly, but the LCD has been cracked recently and had to be replaced. I bought a Psion Revo 1999 outside of eBay because it was cheaper and had a larger screen. I my data cable for my Psion 3a on my PC, but then the files with the operating system on the Revo are compatible? If not, there is a program that will be? I have text files, program files and several databases on the 3rd, I do not want to lose.

Yes, I know that I continue to buy outdated and unsupported devices, and only my fault: I love Psions!


Steve T said...

Ah, I miss my old Psion 3a! That brings me back!

Here is an expert in the UK - Steve Litchfield - who knows what you want about Psion - and if not, I do not know!

It helps people with immigration applications more complicated (modern Psion devices), and I'm sure he can help with this issue.

You can reach him via his website ...

Tell him that you sent Steve T!


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