Saturday, January 23, 2010

Difference Doujin What Is The Difference Between Doujinshi And Doujin?

What is the difference between doujinshi and doujin? - difference doujin

So, what is the difference between a pair when he said, WxH or A / C?

Obviously, there are one - but my mind was blank for names. , 0)


shigeru_... said...

I'm no expert, but doujin doujinshi and are one and the same for me. At the time I'm doujinshi, one speaks of shortening the word to save time doujin doujinshi too. Although I believe that many of the shortening of the word doujin instead of djs, but sometimes we have to cut just lazy or exceeded the cat and has corners. XD

I think the government is more) WxH SemexUke (head, while A / A is an equal relationship, but still retains a rule .. SemexUke or creator only use it to '/' instead of 'X' ... is really all depends on the number of (game fan of Harry Potter - a / FIC Draco Draco Harry could be a real / FIC Harry.) ^ __ ^

Mat of The RSPSOA said...

Doujin has two meanings. You can easily to a group of people (the same interests or shares, the activity known as the group of people) make doujin doujinshi one could.

The second meaning is obviously amateur doujin works published. This can range from something as manga music for video games.

Doujinshi, however, is a subset of doujin second definition. Free amateur doujinshi has also published books, but refer only to the light novels, manga, fanfiction, etc.

The difference between AXA and A / C, not AFAIK. Only two people with different symbols for couples show.

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