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Sample Wedding Congratulations Wording Sample Wedding Budget?

Sample Wedding Budget? - sample wedding congratulations wording

Has anyone a budget wedding rehearsal wedding for 20,000 dollars? I am planning my wedding and I do not know how to make a budget, I have no idea how much it costs nothing! Thank you!


Suz123 said...


Use the budget calculator and a list of marriages in the node.

lovemyhu... said...

Here's how I break (real numbers, not only our budget):
Accessories (guestbook / pillows, serving set, etc.) $ 200
Clothing (Bride & Groom) $ 2,000
Cakes (Bride & Groom) $ 600
Venues (ceremony and reception) $ 1,000 (A receipt with chairs and tables)
Ceremony others (musicians, officiant, license) $ 175
Flowers (ceremony and reception) $ 5,500
Gifts (8 bridesmaids / 8 Groomsmen / 4 agents, and other advice / etc) $ 800
Photography and Video-$ 5500
Receipt of funds (including all the sheets / plates / servers / etc) $ 5500 or $ 22/person (no alcohol)
Favored (flares / matchboxes) $ 175
DJ: $ 300
The rehearsal dinner: $ 1,500 (our site is free, friend of the family is cooking without fees - it is the food and decorations for 100)
Stationery (with the exception of the dates, invitations, thank you, postage) $ 950
Transport (Sedan): $ 400
Total: $ 23.475

I know there is more than the budget, you give an idea of what is happening. We expect about 225 participants (the food can cut flowerss (juvenile facilities), so if you have a much lower)

Good luck!

Cynthia said...

Finally, the catering company to watch, to see how its going to cost you a caterer is rare
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Then, looking towards the middle to start a few Peices Center Peices

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anthttp: / / weddingcakecreations.com /


... http://www.rentalsite.com/RentalSite/ren

Then you should clean wedding dresses


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Then entertaainment

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then thats pretty walkways, if you still need help send me an e-mail to asknanci22@yahoo.com

A. S said...

It is a great budget for amt of people ... Start with the largest cost .... Your clothes, your place for the ceremony, and the number of guests. Then, from there. If you buy a book on marriage, in detail everything you go to a wedding! Go around the places and ask how much it for her food and drink, or if you serve it yourself costs.

Corey A said...

That's what (we pay for our wedding date!)

Event / Location of the site (including chairs, tables, clothing, live music during the ceremony, the officiant of the ceremony, the wedding cake and punch) - $ 1750
DJ for the reception - $ 750
Photographer - $ 1750
Florist - $ 800 (bouquets, corsages, buttonholes only)
Wedding Cakes - $ 300
Dinner Buffet - $ 24/person (Kid's Meals = $) 5.99/child
1.5-liter bottle of wine - $ 35/bottle
Keg (62 cups) = $ 200/keg
Cheese / fruit / vegetables incoming Station = $ 350
DIY invitations and save-the-data = $ 150ish
Craft programs = $ 75
Custom Address Stamps = $ 30
DIY shelters = $ 200

And it is dropping tons of details! I have my dress Maggie Sottero benefit from craigslist.com for $ 140. I bought gifts for bridesmaids overstock.com fairly cheap - necklaces.

I hope that helps!

supergoo... said...

This is an excellent tool:
http://www.theknot.com/pl_budgetavg.shtm ...

There are many programs online.

Good luck!

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