Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pree Teen Art Ima Pree-teen (12) And I Really Want A Cell Phone 4 My Birthday... How Do I Convince Mom?

Ima pree-teen (12) and I really want a cell phone 4 my birthday... how do i convince mom? - pree teen art

I am very responsible, but they did not budge. Help?


tellia a said...

Hmmm, I think you should ask first and see wat you say ..... When she says, say no, then simply that since in his view that the age should have one!
could also say that you need or an emergency and also the promise that your personal u to go just a few minutes! and his promise that he received good grades!
stated that it worked for me !..... can and if it has still not work, then ask a prepaid mobile phone!
Good luck!

football... said...

My son wants a phone, and if you get good grades, the first and second report, you get the phone. Maybe you can fix something with your mother. Good luck.

Jean Harlow!! said...

Just tell your mother that his compensation will save paying for it. Provide support for the work and if you have a phone to keep his promise. Make sure you say if you have one, will make it easier for their length, when you're with your friends. Hope this helps.

Ashley B said...

and when I tried all my convience my mom did not call it that, but she told me that I so I started my time will be needed in the school. Perhaps you can tell your mom you need a cell phone

Shadowca... said...

Imagine a setting such as "What happens if I am under attack!" or something like that could be considered safer if you have one.

♥DiANA♥'... said...

Say all beautiful, have a cell phone .... as an emergency blanket or something.

╚»|ƒ|α|м... said...

ok babe i aksed a question like, when I 12 years 2, now in a 15 haha. I said nothing to her. I just started doing things to prove who is responsible, and when she began to notice these things, told me that basically they knew I was growing up, and I deserve a phone, lol good luck, HUN

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