Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 Ways To Get A New Drivers License What To Expect On Connecticut Drivers License Test?

What to expect on Connecticut Drivers License Test? - 4 ways to get a new drivers license

Well, I think to pass the licensing exam in a few weeks, but I really want to know what I expect from the test.

For my written test I performed at a site called

Is this a good way to practice for my exam?

As with the steering, what can I expect? Could I pass my exams at Enfield.

I'm just a little worried because I am someone who had failed the test about 4-times called.


Jamie H said...

I'm from CT and it has happened me twice already. I'm not the first time since 6 years I am wrong in his letter, made, and only 4 false. But I went for the second time, no problem! No parking on the test and what not to worry about, parking just mail (support) in the room. Add 3 or a "K" only now and then at the traffic lights and stop signs. They could also return. Your on the right path through the practice of writing! I tested at 03 "before the" Teenage Driving Crackdown CT "lol so maybe something has changed Lil! Good luck to you though!

ghost said...

10000 hits to my E!

I think you can pass the written exam the first time that if you study a little. It has given me three times on the test pilots. I had on a city to pass the time. I've finally got my wife a teacher for the third time, and even called me on the cone in the parallel parking ... I went through.

Princess is Engaged! said...

The following website is a catalog of the Connecticut DMV sent: A Guide To your driver's license.

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