Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Caning Virgin Please Someone Fill Me In On Y&R About Chloe And Cane?

Please someone fill me in on Y&R about Chloe and Cane? - caning virgin

I can see that Y & R everyday and I feel that I must have missed something.
Chloe meets cane and his Australian friend, drinking drinks at the bar and did Virgin drunk, because I know she was pregnant, right? Then, like 5 days later, she says that Cane is Preggers, right? But the results did not prevent him as a father, is not it? Well, if you choose "Yes" answers all these questions, how can you daddy?


Peaches said...

Yes, and I knew it "Preggers" above all that, but when the results came, the tube is not .... as Chloe's father is released was not even surprised!

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