Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Walking Toys From Personal Experience,can You Recommend A SAFE Toy That Encourages A Baby In Standing Up And Walking ?

From personal experience,can you recommend a SAFE toy that encourages a baby in standing up and walking ? - baby walking toys

My baby is nine months and it can hold, if it clings to anything like the bars of the bed. Will also be considered if the two right hands in front of and behind her was held. So far, the only toy I found that walking is sponsored by LeapFrog Leap Start Learning Table. They see ...

This toy was great for her
We have reviewed the comments as Epinions toys for babies, but sometimes the comments are written so well and positively at the top makes me think it was there for sale by The Toy Company, through toys.
I appreciate the recommendations for safe toys that are the baby and go to support. THANK YOU!


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