Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini Brazilian Wax I Have A GiGiPro Waxing Kit I Am Wanting To Wax My Legs And A Brazilian Wax?

I have a GiGiPro Waxing Kit I am wanting to wax my legs and a Brazilian wax? - mini brazilian wax

Who knows what else I need is a list of what I have and I need to know whether there something else I need .... . 1. Pro Mini Kit .... the hot wax, 30 applicators, 30 muslin strips SM, 30 m.strips LG honey before hair removal, hair removal lotion office after wax lotion, after correction of the wax from the skin, slow growth, clean and safe, after wax cooling gel. A CD with isming today will not start.
Council 2.Brazilian hard wax
3. All end wax honey
Aerosol 4.numbing
Wax 5.creme
Hair powder dusting 6.pre
Tweezers 7.Lighted
Do you have tips for anyonye know me?


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