Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sailboat Vocab I Need Help With Vocab!!!!!HELP?

I need help with vocab!!!!!HELP? - sailboat vocab

So I need to create vocaulary to sentences with rhymes.
Example: A dinner with seafood cooked Navy
A doctor can be a sturgeon surgeon fish

So help me with these four

1. A person who conceals information, not what you know ________.
2. A painting of a beef cow has a ______.
3. A unicellular organism is a carefree easygoin'______.
4. Sail a linguist is a yacht _______


tulip said...

1. Disclosure
2. Ground
3. protazoan
4. Polyglot

LucaPaci... said...

1) shows
Reason No. 2)
3) protozoa

Aldo4Oli... said...

I like the first answer, but let the number four. So, for example:

Yacht a polyglot?

nsj said...

1. Reveal (?)
Sorry, I only think of an answer.
I'm not even sure if they are used correctly.

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