Sunday, February 7, 2010

Low Mpv Value What Could A Low MPV In My Bloodwork Mean? I Am Also Fatigued And Bruising.?

What could a low MPV in my bloodwork mean? I am also fatigued and bruising.? - low mpv value

Your courage is an MPV 7.1 and everything else was (apart from a level of CO2) was low. I went to the doctor because of exhaustion and extreme fatigue. I also have a frighteningly large bruise on the calf which I have no idea where it came. It actually began as purple and has a brilliant dark red center. However, in the middle is yellow and has spread outwards in a stained-glass windows (two weeks after I got him). I'd) never have any health problems (with the exception of a very irregular cycle and I am not anemic, the best of my knowledge.


ItsMe said...

VP shows mean platelet volume. If it is empty, may indicate an iron deficiency. Ask your MD-ferritin levels, a reading of the iron checked.

With respect to the bruises that you describe is the color of the preliminary stage of bruising. The blue-purple bruise is a new ... inside and red and yellow, indicating a major blow.

Make finding your MD about checking your iron deficiency and that the platelets (CBC). It is a good starting point. If you do not with what the doctor says, are satisfied, go see a hematologist, Dr. .. specializes in the blood diseases.

Hope this helps! Good luck to you!


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