Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Face And Hands Red And Puple Hands And Red Face This Is What Happens To Me Pleas I Need Help!!!!?

Red and puple hands and red face this is what happens to me pleas i Need help!!!!? - red face and hands

My hands get really cold sweating a lot and turn purple, and why? So when I talk to the class in school, I nervously and my face GATS very bad, very red, what can I do? Or if I was a little nervous, flushed face, reasons need help.


Asha said...

It happens a lot to me. What you need to do is look over the heads of people. It is easier to concentrate in one place, so do not feel epople looking for. By submitting or something, just say in your head, everything will be ready.

saturdays child said...

You are not alone. Some of us are the curse of the complexion that all the emotions like a neon shows! Sorry, I can not help it, I never make a cure, but not the only ones involved. I am also the color of the beets after just one glass or less of the sun or wind.

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