Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Can Diarrhea Cause Acidosis Does Anxiety Cause Diarrhea?

Does anxiety cause diarrhea? - how can diarrhea cause acidosis

I was in docor several times and everything is normal, they say. Some time ago, my doctor has suggested, technical support and so I went and was put on Celexa a few months. It helped, but after you stop taking does not, I began to worry the whole time, and began to have diarrhea all the time. I think if I could stop making, are concerned about diarrhea may be that I would cease to be in a position, but how can I get anxiety without medication?


cng said...

The fear that causes diarrhea and other problems.

I have to say constantly to relax my body to focus on stomoch and rear.

Toonces said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but advised the "physician is not" how to change your thinking processes to reduce anxiety in your life? Just put the pills?

It's like a doctor for headaches, it gives you Tylenol 3 and go back home with his head against the wall a little longer.

It is necessary to protect the source address, not the symptoms. Then and only then will you begin to be drug addiction free and their own fears. There are books on topics such as anxiety in your life handled.

I did. It was difficult. It took a long time. I

Enhance your training develops, and the healing can by itself.


BTW, yes, would you send me a panic attack right to the toilet.

macsange... said...

I have the same problem. All the doctors tell me that it is "the irritable bowel syndrome, that is, in fact, sometimes things I do, sometimes because of stress. Whether you believe it or not, everything I found that only ... on the Benadryl antihistamine that will be good for allergies ... is not an ingredient, which is an antispasmodic (which is what she said a pharmacist) and contributes to the kind of cramps and relaxes the muscles .. . The only problem is that you are tired you with the feeling that if you are in school or working, a lot of sleep. Hope this helps a little.

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